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Top 10 Driving Safety Tips

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

With over 50,000 Americans killed on highways – over a thousand of those in Texas and often several hundred around the greater Houston area – a review of safe and defensive driving tips is always a relevant topic. While teenage drivers are at the highest risk of a car wreck, all of us can work on being a safer driver!

Let us consider the top ten rules offered by a leading authority on driving safety and then we will refer you to review the other SEVENTY suggestions provided on the website provided at the end of this entry.

1. The first rule of driving safety is to pay attention to the road and everyone around you.

2. The second most important rule of the road – don’t trust anybody.

You can never know what distractions may be taking the attention of the drivers around you.

3.Don’t drive impaired.

4. Never use excessive speed – better to be late than not arrive at your destination at all.

5. Always use your seat belt – which just makes common sense.

6. Never run a red light – countless deaths occur each year due to drivers trying to beat the light.

7. Use your turn signals. This allows the drivers around you to understand your intentions.

8. Create a healthy space around you and other vehicles on the road. This allows you an escape option should something unexpected happen.

9. Slowdown in rain and brake slowly in these conditions to avoid hydroplaning.

10. Don’t text and drive!

One rule of thumb is to drive friendly. Not only will your travel be safer, you will avoid the complications of aggressive driving.

For other tips consult the website provided below and drive safely out there!

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