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6 Things to Do After Being Injured by A Drunk Driver

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The role of drunk driving fatal accidents cannot be overstated. According to the CDC, 28% all car accident deaths involved alcohol-impaired driving. Each day, 29 people die in the United States because of a drunk driver.

If you are injured in an accident with a drunk driver, here are six things you should do protect your interests.

1. Call the police

Make sure that the police are called, and that the drunk driver remains at the scene until the police arrive. Often, a driver who had been drinking tries to convince the victim to exchange insurance information and let them leave the scene. Don’t fall for that trick.  Only by the police documenting the driver’s intoxication will the facts come out.

2. Take a video of the drunk driver

Almost all smartphones now come with the ability to video as well as still photographs. Taking a video, yourself or asking a bystander to do so for you can be invaluable in a civil lawsuit for damages. There are many ways that the intoxicated driver can fight a criminal charge and deny their intoxication or impairment in a civil case. Additionally, taking photographs and video of the scene and the vehicles can be persuasive evidence.

3. Get the name and phone number of all witnesses

Most people rely upon the police officers at the scene document the witnesses to the crash. Unfortunately, unless the accident involves a fatality or injury, which may lead to wrongful death, the police may not document the witness’s names and accounts. If you are unable to get the witnesses information, yourself ask someone at the scene to do it for you.

4. Follow-up with your doctor’s orders

After an accident with a drunk driver, most people go to an emergency room.  Emergency rooms are designed to deal with emergencies. If your injury is not life-threatening or requires immediate treatment, you will be discharged with instructions to follow with a specialist or primary care physician. Tending to your injury by following your doctor’s orders without delay is a critical step perfecting your injury claim against the drunk driver.

5. Cooperate with the DA

It is always helpful to stay abreast of the criminal charges against the drunk driver by the district attorney. A conviction for drunk driving helps a civil case against the drunk driver and potentially the bar or club where they became excessively intoxicated. If the district attorney calls you and asked you to appear in court, speak with your attorney, and cooperate with the district attorney. If you are invited to testify, tell the truth.

6. Hire best personal injury lawyer you can find

Please do your research about an attorney for you sign paperwork hiring them. You can look to friends and family members for a referral, but you should always independently investigate the attorney before you choose them. Looking at such things as previous cases, results in DWI accident cases and how they relate to their clients is a must do.  You may also want to look at the attorneys rating by such peer-reviewed sources such as Be leery of other rating entities that are often conditioned on financial payments. A look at reviews from actual clients can also give you a birds-eye view of the lawyer and firm.  After you have done your research, hire Lashgari & Associates, P.C. as soon as practical for best results in your case.



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