How to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles can be fun, but they’re one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 80% of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. No one wants to believe they may be victim to a motorcycle accident, but there are ways to keep yourself and others safe while you enjoy your ride. Here are some of the top tips to avoiding a motorcycle accident.

Wear Your Helmet

It should go without saying, but always wear your helmet when you ride your motorcycle. Not every state has mandated helmets, but many have. Also be sure your helmet is up to date; you should replace it immediately after a crash and every five years otherwise. Take advantage of other protective measures as well, like long pants and sleeves made of leather, gloves, eye protection, and heavier gear in the winter. Your clothes and gear should be brightly colored and reflective to allow other drivers to see you more easily.

Stay Alert

When you operate any vehicle, you should stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t use your phone while you’re on your bike, and always watch out for other drivers. Intersections are particularly dangerous, so make sure you’re following traffic laws at all times. If you’re ever in doubt that another motorist sees you, honk. Many people driving cars don’t think to look out for motorcycles, so it’s up to you to ensure you’re seen at all times while you’re on the road.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Many tips to avoiding motorcycle accidents are common sense. Don’t ever drink and drive. Your motor skills will be heavily impacted and could lead you to crash. Observe all posted street signs and speed limits. If bad weather is on the way, wait until it passes or find another mode of transportation. If you have to ride in the rain or snow, make sure you have the right gear to keep you safe and dry. Take a motorcycle safety course if you’re new to cycling or if you feel you should brush up on the basics. 

What if You Get in an Accident?

Even if you follow all these tips, you might still find yourself in a motorcycle accident. If you do, make sure to get all the information from the other driver and take note of their insurance company. Keep up with any medical care you need because of the accident, then start your search for a solid motorcycle accident attorney.

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